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Know What Your 

Angels Are Telling 

Call me Alara. I was born with many abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Since all of these gifts come naturally to me, I view them as helpful tools allowing people to recognize the past and understand their goals.

To help you cope with the challenges that come with the many changes you go through, I communicate with your angels. Be glad to know that they have a special message for you.

Psychic readings

Meditation sessions

Spiritual coaching

Me and Alara’s Light Center

I am a born empath, clairvoyant, and psychic practicing professionally since 2006. Formerly of the Psychic Eye in Las Vegas, Nevada, I relocated to Kingman, Arizona. I conduct psychic readings, teach classes, and perform guided meditation at Alara’s Light Center.

Likewise, I am knowledgeable about chakras and other healing modalities. I have been teaching breathing techniques, meditation, and chakra balancing for more than 30 years.

See the Light, Feel the Power

As a life coach, I have guided thousands towards enlightenment and empowerment. I offer psychic and angelic insight, guide you through peaceful and uplifting meditation, and provide the spiritual coaching you seek.

My Mission

I am here to educate the public about angels and the blessings that everyone could receive from them.

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